Our Mission, Vision and Values

Our Mission: To meet the electronic system needs of our country’s civil and defense systems, to provide competitive, innovative and smart technological solutions at home and abroad.

Our Vision: To be a technology company that offers products at international standards and produces creative solutions, has unique products, and has reached global competitive power.

Misyon, Vizyon ve Değerlerimiz

Misyonumuz: Ülkemizin sivil ve savunma sistemlerinde elektronik sistem ihtiyaçlarını karşılamak, yurtiçi ve yurt dışında rekabetçi, yenilikçi ve akıllı teknolojik çözümler sunmak.

Vizyonumuz: Uluslararası standartlarda ürünler sunan ve yaratıcı çözümler üreten, özgün ürünlere sahip,küresel rekabet gücüne ulaşmış bir teknoloji firması olmak.

”During the 20 years we spent together, we have made countless discoveries and successes…”

Respect for the Individual

UDEA values the dignity, worth and creative potential of all employees and believes that work-life balance is essential. It strives to treat all its employees consistently. It rewards success.


We should try to make employees feel connected to the company, and to show this feeling to each other and to our customers in practice. We are willing to share our minds generously and to solve questions with clarity.


We encourage and support open communication and meaningful collaboration among colleagues from a variety of backgrounds and disciplines. We believe in the free and sincere exchange of ideas inside and outside the company.


We value innovation and encourage innovation and risk taking at all levels. We advocate for change and work diligently to remove barriers to success while maintaining our flexibility.


We take full responsibility for our performance, individually and as a company, and must take ownership of our business results, whether in the office, laboratory or production. We are aware of the direct impact on the success of our colleagues and our company.


We believe that teamwork, cooperation among employees, and even collaborative effort
provide unlimited possibilities. We should strive to achieve perfection by putting our common goals ahead of our personal interests, and we should respect individual differences.


We have been the leader of our industry for a long time. We must constantly strive to be the best at what we do, both as a company and as individuals. We should embrace personal leadership qualities such as competence, confidence and a passion to exceed expectations, and strive to inspire others to do the same.


We care about complying with moral and ethical rules. We value the reflection of the values of honesty and integrity in the work, being humble and mutually understanding, and keeping our behaviors consistent and open above all else.