UDEA Electronics

UDEA is a private company established to provide product design and production services on wireless communication (RFID/IoT) technologies.


UDEA Wireless Technologies

UDEA kablosuz haberleşme (RFID/IoT) teknolojileri konusunda ürün tasarımı ve üretim hizmeti sağlamak amacıyla kurulmuş özel bir şirkettir.


Since its establishment, it has become a company that specializes in design and production, designs and manufactures products, electronic / electromechanical systems and subsystems for many different sectors. Udea continues to provide products and services to a worldwide customer portfolio with the products and product families it offers.

Projelerin elektronik / elektromekanik ile ilgili kısımlarda aşağıdaki hizmetleri sunabilmekteyiz.

Proje Planı

Konsept oluşturma/
Teknik destek

Prototip çalışmaları

Donanım/Yazılım Geliştirme


Seri Üretim

Examples of these application areas are Remote Keyless Entry systems, Alarm and Security systems, SCADA and telemetry systems, Industrial Automation and Wireless Sensor applications. It also provides the necessary consultancy, training and engineering services for faster integration of Udea products into customer applications or systems.

Our company offers its analog-digital electronic design and RF technological know-how at every stage from product design to installation, especially for systems and platforms suitable for the needs of the defense industry. We can provide services under the following headings in the electronic and RF-related parts of the projects.

Since all wireless systems and networks can be exposed to interference caused by similar systems or other devices operating in the same frequency band, especially in recent years, digital communication over energy lines (Power Line Communication) has started to find applicatio areas because it does not require new investment in communication infrastructure.

Udea has developed a universal and maximum flexible PLC modem infrastructure that can be used as a communication infrastructure in remote meter reading (AMR) and home automation networks and presented it to the customer’s use.