UDEA’s mission is to continuously produce higher technology, quality products and services.

UDEA has gained more than 20 years of knowledge in the design and production of electronic and electromechanical systems and subsystems. Udea specializes in and provides services in areas such as electronic board design/production, electronic and electromechanical sub-parts design/production and integration, and system and subsystem integration and testing.


In addition to providing project-oriented design, prototyping and mass production, UDEA can provide options ranging from engineer sourcing or project management to full turnkey projects. The fields of activity of Udea can be summarized as follows.

  100MHz – 80GHz RF (analog-digital) Circuit Design
  FPGA/Microprocessor Based Circuit Design
  Communication Protocol/ Software Development
  Electromechanical System Design
  RF System Design/Manufacturing
  Image Recording and Transfer Systems
  Purpose-Specific Electronic Hardware Design
  Mechanical Design
  Lighting Systems Design for Automotive Applications


With its expert engineering infrastructure, UDEA is able to transfer the necessary solutions and knowledge to different applications in different sectors and to our customers from various disciplines for the projects they want to realize. Thanks to integrated services, we perceive it as our responsibility to inform our customers about new technologies, to direct them to the projections of the future of current projects, and to present technological roadmaps.

Thanks to our R&D and training activities, we constantly follow technological developments and our experts provide consultancy services according to the needs of our customers according to the latest innovations in technology.