Our Quality, Environment and Occupational Health and Safety Policies

We are committed to providing quality service and continuous improvement as a reliable company in the fields in which we operate.

Kalite, Çevre ve İş Sağlığı Güvenliği Politikalarımız

Faaliyet göstermiş olduğumuz alanlarda, güvenilir bir şirket olarak kaliteli hizmet sunmayı ve sürekli iyileştirmeyi taahhüt etmekteyiz.


We aim to provide customer satisfaction by designing and producing suitable products that will meet the demands of our customers and the legal requirements in force, and by delivering these products on time.

 Identifying resource needs, supplying them and using them effectively,
 To be sensitive about human health and environment,
 To ensure employee satisfaction and development,
 To ensure the establishment of quality awareness in all employees.
 To increase productivity with the principle of continuous improvement of our Quality Management System and products and the right production at the first time.


In order to ensure Environment and Occupational Health and Safety while carrying out our activities for the Aviation and Civil sectors,
 In order to ensure the occupational health and safety of all our employees, we will take all kinds of precautions in accordance with the Occupational Health and Safety Law No.
We will determine the environmental risks by considering the environmental dimensions and effects, ensure that the wastes are minimized at their source and that natural resources are used in the most efficient way,
To make an effective risk assessment against all kinds of risks that may occur in the workplace and to identify and eliminate the risks beforehand,
We undertake to raise awareness of all our employees about occupational health and safety through trainings.