UDEA has been working on Wireless Technologies for a long time, producing RF receiver, transmitter and transceiver modules and providing supportive software, development tools and evaluation boards. We also have been producing active RFID products and working on Real Time Location System (RTLS) on person and assets particularly with new active RFID Standard ISO18000-7.

UDEA combines comprehensive consulting services and leading-edge technical expertise for every stage of system’s growth, from design to evolution. These efforts can be categorized as;

The long-term costs of major projects are largely accrued through research and development, operational and maintenance costs. UDEA has a proven track record for advising consumer electronics manufacturers on best practices related to wireless technologies, R&D in hardware and software support programs. We strive to deliver cost-effective, bottom-line focused value in every aspect of our products and consulting services. Our solutions provide a seamless and cost-efficient way to transition your present technologies into a wireless technology, - helping you deliver superior end-user experiences, reduce your total wire line network costs, leverage your existing technology investments and improve your time to market with new services and applications.

UDEA can provide the following supportive items to PROJECT for the development of wireless needs.

Our work style is based on close, frequent communication with our customers. Constant communication and collaboration enables us to better understand specific needs of our customers and to develop more effective products and services. We' re committed to provide the best products and best engineers, consultants and program managers available to our customers locally, offering outstanding value for their investment. Our products and services not only provide excellence in technology, but also complement your business needs.

    • Design
    • Simulation
    • Prototyping
    • Performance Evaluation
    • Evolution